Stlmra. Kelly 'Hamlyn'
(B. nodosa var grandiflora x Ctna. Keith Roth)

0000 - Brassavola subulifolia (Brassavola cordata)
             Hardy warm growing species from Jamaica. Clusters of white heart shaped blooms similar to but
            smaller and much more floriferous than
Brassavola nodosa. Very fragrant at nightfall.
            BS Divisions $10.00   - $200.00 depending on size of plant.

0000 - Brassavola grandiflora
            This species comes from the Caribbean side of Central America and has flat leaves.
            On tree fern root mounts - $15.00 and up.

0000 -  Brassavola nodosa
            Terete leaved species from the Pacific side of Central America.
            On tree fern root mounts - $15.00 and up.

0000 - Brassavola nodosa, 4n 'Hamlyn'
            Vigorous growing plants producing large well shaped flowers with wide petals and sepals.

            On tree fern root mounts - $25.00 and up.

0000 - Brassavola nodosa 'Tom Thumb'
            Dwarf form of species from Mexico.
            On tree fern root mounts - $15.00 and up.

0000 - Brassavola nodosa, 4n 'Godzilla' AM/AOS - 89 points
            On tree fern root mounts - $50.00 and up. 

0000 -  Brassavola perinii
            Very floriferous species from South America.
            SOLD OUT

0000 -    Brassavola venosa
            A rare species from the Caribbean island of Curacao and Venezuela once regarded as a variety of B. nodosa.
            Divisions - $15.00 and up.


Brassavola martiana

0000 - Brassavola martiana
            Species from Guyana in Northern South America. Terete leaves with white 
            fimbriated lip. NBS - $15.00

0000 - Rhyncolaelia glauca 'Mary Motes' AM/AOS
            Divisions - $25.00

0000 - Rhyncolaelia digbyana (Brassavola digbyana)
            Central American species very closely related to Cattleya and frequently bred 
            with Cattleyas to produce the well known large lipped 'Brasso' hybrids. 
            Fragrant large apple green to greenish-white flowers with big, deeply 
            fimbriated lip. The most outstanding of the Brassavola species. Spring to 
            summer. BS $25.00 - $100.00.

0000 - Rhyncolaelia digbyana 'Doris Viola' AM/AOS
            Fine pure green form of species from northeast Central America.
            Divisions - $100.00

1866 - Brassavola nodosa 'Hamlyn's Giant' x 'Hamlyn #2'
            Large, well held flowers with attractive milky white lips. Heavy substance 
            and excellent form. Superior to most clones currently available. BS $20.00

0000 - Brassavola grandiflora, 4n 'Fulford'
            B/S Divisions - $50.00

4033 - Blc. Peter James 
            (Blc. Michael Gaine 'Orglade 11' SM/11WOC x B. nodosa)

         Compact plants with attractive bright yellow novelty type blooms with very 
          large nodosa shaped lips. BS - 4" $25.00

4376 - Blc. Hamlyn's Magic  
            (Lc. Jalapa 'Bill Teel' AM/AOS  x B. nodosa var grandiflora)
            Attractive clusters of nodosa type blooms with spotting on lip in colours 
            ranging from pinks to lavender to oranges to reds to yellows. Each clone 
            a different colour. Magical. SOLD OUT

5141 - Slc. Lawrence Bennett (Slc. Kauai Starbright 'Vi' HCC/AOS x B. nodosa)
            Novelty type yellows with heart shaped nodosa type lip.
            Com Pots - $35.00,   2" Pots - $8.00

5918    Brassavola martiana x self

0000 - Bc. Maikai 'Mayumi'  (B. nodosa x C. bowringiana)
            White to pale lavender heart shaped lip with darker spotting and narrow 
            green sepals and petals. Vigorous growing  producing multiple spikes with 
            flowers in clusters.  4" - $25.00

0000 - Bc. Maikai 'Louise' AM/AOS     (B. nodosa x C. bowringiana)
         Similar to above but with darker and more pronounced spotting. 5" - $35.00

0000 - Stlma. Kelly 'Hamlyn' (B. nodosa x Ctna. Keith Roth)
           Divisions - $15.00 and up.

0000 - Bc. Star Ruby 'Xanadu' AM/AOS (B. nodosa x C. Batalinii)
           B/S divisions on tree fern root mounts - $25.00

1255 - Broanthevola (Bvt.) Lilla Hamilton
         (Bro. negrilensis x Bc. Myrtle Sammy)
            Vigorous growing and very floriferous novelty type lavenders. Blooms 
            last 6 - 8 weeks. Divisions - $25.00

6401    Bc. Nodata (C. guttata x B. nodosa)
            6" - $35.00

6437   B. Adrian Hamilton (B. perinii x B. nodosa, 4n 'Godzilla' AM/AOS
            Divisions - $10.00 and up

6462    Bct. Roman Holiday (Ctt. Chocolate Drop 'Kodama' AM/AOS x B. nodosa 'Panama Soiree' AM/AOS)

6467    B. perinii 'Elva Pangrazio' x self

7443    Brassavola tuberculata x self
            B/S - $20.00

7444    Brassavola grandiflora, 4n 'Fulford' xself

7552    Bsn. Myrtle Sammy (Gur. bowringiana x B. subulifolia)
            2" - $5.00, 4" - 12.00

7553    Bsn. Myrtle Sammy (B. subulifolia x Gur. bowringiana)
            2" - $5.00, 4" - 12.00

7780   Eyy. Hunabu Fashion 'Hamlyn' (E. tampensis alba x Bc. Binosa)
           6" - $35.00

8091   Bc. Morning Glory 'H & R' AM/AOS x C. maxima)
            6" - $25.00

8092   Bc. Morning Glory 'H & R' AM/AOS x C. chocoensis
            6" - $25.00

8422   Brassavola venosa x self
           2" - $5.00

Bct. Roman Holiday 'Hamlyn' AM/AOS

8701 -  Bct. Roman Holiday 'Hamlyn' AM/AOS (Ctt. Chocolate Drop 'Kodama' AM/AOS x B. nodosa 'Panama Soiree' AM/AOS)
Division of awarded plant $500.00.


8716   Bc. Nodata x E. phoenicea
2" seedlings will be available in 2012.

9033   Bc. Morning Glory x E. phoenicea
2" seedlings will be available in 2012.

9036   Bc. Hippodamia 'The Best' x E. phoenicea
2" seedlings will be available in 2012.

9092   Bc. Hippodamia x E. pyriformis
2" seedlings will be available in 2012.

9173   Brassavola subulifolia x sibling
2" seedlings will be available in 2012.

8703 - Rby. Hamlyn's Green Imp 'Hamlyn' AM/AOS - meristem
           Flasks - $20.00

8698 - (Bc. Morning Glory x C. quadricolor) 'Hamlyn' - meristem
           Flasks - $20.00


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